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Click here for an informative interview about Intellectual Property  with Create A Mini-Book founder David Wasik and attorneys Del Vecchio & Stadler. 

Popular among families with small children, Create A Dinosaur Mini-Book is back again offering ages 3+ the opportunity to decorate, design and write their very own dinosaur mini-books!  Strategically located near the newly positioned dinosaur in the vicinity of the sandbox, this family friendly, make & take program is sure to delight all who participate.​

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2016 Designs

“Even the best educational computer programs and games, devised with the help of the best educators, contain a tiny fraction of the outcomes of a single child equipped with a crayon and paper. A child’s limitless imagination can only do what the computer allows them, and no more. The best toys, by contrast, are really 10 percent toy and 90 percent child: paint, cardboard, sand. The kid’s brain does the heavy lifting, and in the process it learns.”   -David Sax, The Revenge of Analog (Real Things and Why They Matter) 2016 


Come join us for Create A Mini-Book – Dinosaurs
WHEN: Sunday, June 24: 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.  |  WHERE: Boardwalk, Canalside

New Designs For 2018!

"We honored Earth Day today at the Northport Public Library today by Creating Mini-Books! Each student created a book that talked about the ways we can help save the earth. Thanks to David Wasik for his creative genius in designing the "Tabula Waza" blanks to write and illustrate their stories. I had a great time instructing the class." -Tom Stack 04/22/2015

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