Putting The Fun Into Learning

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  • Olmsted really loves your mini-books! They are well-made, easy to use, and they open the door for countless educational , inspirational and fun activities for the kids! Thank You!    – Song Rio,  3rd Grade DLF Teacher – School #64, The Olmsted School, Buffalo, NY 

  • ​This activity was a great experience for our fifth graders. Not only did they get to use a variety of art materials, but they had the opportunity to express themselves and learn about each other. As a teacher, I saw each student’s personality come to life in their mini-book. It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved.    – Jessica Carroll, After School Teacher – School #18 - Buffalo, NY

  • I really enjoyed watching the students come up with different ideas about what to write in their books. It was great to watch them encouraging each other and getting excited about decorating their book covers. They really loved this project because it gave them the chance to be creative and write about themselves, their interests, and how to be a good friend. It made me happy to see how enthusiastic they were, and I loved how several students had the whole class sign the back of their books!    – Kay Edgington – Child & Adolescent Treatment Services Staff Member @ SUNY Buffalo State

  •  I liked this activity because we got to use different materials. My favorite were the gel pens. We also could write about what we wanted, for example, we could write about being kind.      – Naw Koo – 5th grade student at School #18 – Buffalo, NY

  •  The activity was fun, interesting, very creative, hands-on and loveable!      – Ms. Selena Roszewski – 4th grade teach – School #18 – Buffalo NY